Snohomish County Western Games Association
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Welcome to Snohomish County Western Games Association
The SCWGA season begins with the Evergreen State Fair on Labor Day weekend each year. The season continues with shows once per month, except in February, and is brought to a close with a two-day show in March. SCWGA wraps up its season with an annual awards banquet where all members and their families are invited to celebrate with one another. 

Check out our series flyer by clicking here or by clicking on our Forms tab!

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Up next for Snohomish County Western Games Association we will be having our Make Up Show (for our cancelled January show) on February 25th 2018! Events will be Keg, Key, Stake, Speed Barrels and Idaho Figure 8! The show will start promptly at 9:00 AM; but keep in mind, start times, events and order are subject to change! When arriving for the show please remember the first barn, first aisle is reserved for Board Members only (one perk to being a Board Member! ;)) there may be some open stalls at the end of that first aisle but please don't use the stalls with "Stall Reserved" cards on them! It is also a lot easier if we can FILL the first two barns first before going out to the third barn, so please keep that in mind too when arriving! Thank you, can't wait to see all of you there!

*Updated 01-30-2018

The 2017 Les Schwab PNW O-MOK-SEE was a huge hit this year! Everything went super smooth, it was a great weekend overall! Thank you all for attending, competitors and spectators! The results are on our PNW O-MOK-SEE tab! Thank you Les Schwab Tires for being our Championship sponsor and thank you to all of our other sponsors! We will be providing a list of all of our O-MOK-SEE sponsors and it will be on our PNW O-MOK-SEE tab! The 2018 Les Schwab PNW O-MOK-SEE will be September 28th-30th, we will post entry forms and info as soon as we get them in! Sponsorship and program add forms are on our Forms tab!

This year we will be offering Mulligans for the 2017-2018 SCWGA season. A mulligan can only be purchased when you sign up for your membership. Each rider may purchase one and it is NOT transferrable. A mulligan gives the rider a chance to rerun any event they choose at any show. You only get one mulligan per series so choose wisely when you use it. Should you decide to use a Mulligan you must ask to use it before leaving your lane. You will have the option to ride immediately or at the end of your class. When using a Mulligan you must ride in the same lane and use the same horse as your first run. Mulligans can me purchased for $7 and you must purchase it when you sign up for your membership. You only have one chance to purchase a mulligan so please do not miss out on this awesome opportunity!

*Evergreen State Fair 2006
You will have a chance to compete against all riders who sign up for Best of the West and have a chance to win a cash prize which will be awarded at the year-end banquet. The entry fee is $25 per rider and there will be an 80% payback to be split among the top three. You may join at any time throughout the series, however times for the events ridden prior to joining will not count. Two events will be drawn at each show and riders will be placed based on time. Best of the West standings will not be disclosed throughout the series. The top three will be announced at the year-end banquet. Should a rider disqualify or not ride in one of the events a 30 second time will be entered for that event. Should Gymkhana be one of the events a time of 45 seconds will be entered for a disqualification or no ride. Please see the fair entry form and be sure to sign up for your chance at some extra cash!

For more information about SCWGA, please contact Board members contact information can be found on the About/Contact Us tab of this site.

Photos by Mitzi Tanis - Visit her website at to view and/or purchase photos.        
Upcoming Events:
November 5th - Show
December 3rd - Show
January 7th - Show
March 3rd - Show
March 4th - Show

Things to know: 
  • Remember to check your worker points!You will have until the end of the following show to contact, either the board memeber you worked for or the worker points manager to contest your worker points.
    •     If we do not have record of you working that day, the show results posted here will have your points removed for the day. So, please check the worker points and standings to make sure your worker points are accounted for!
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