Snohomish County Western Games Association
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Snohomish County Western Games Association was formed in 1973 by a small group of local families who wanted patterned horse racing (a.k.a. gaming or playdays) competition during the winter months, with rules all area clubs would follow. Because this is a family organization, the division of competition was determined by age of rider instead of ability of horse. This enables one horse to be used by more than one family member or rider. SCWGA has continued to grow over the years and has expanded to cover several counties in Washington. Since its founding, SCWGA has maintained its goals of promoting patterned horse racing and preserving friendly, family competition by providing a place for riders of all ages and levels of ability to perform.  

 Board of Directors - 2019-2020
Past President Natalie Pemble
(425) 314-5904
President Rebecca Lance (206) 372-7698
 President Elect Julie Guthrie (425) 308-8493
Treasurer Janelle Roberts (360) 722-9455
Secretary Letisha Fisher (360) 722-6846
Board Jocelyn Williams
(425) 877-7814
Board Jeanna Taylor (425) 273-1332
Board Chelsey Goss (425) 583-1744
Board Justin Lant (206) 271-1379
Board Gina Janisko (425) 346-7560
Kevin Jackson (602) 615-8362
Board Sabrina Spadafora
Board Ashley Palm (425) 971-3014
Jr. Board Mckenzie Roberts (360) 722-4009

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