Snohomish County Western Games Association
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2017-2018 SCWGA Event Schedule

September 2nd Saturday (Evergreen State Fair): Stilly Figure 8, Western Jumping, Polo, Key and Team: Rescue Race (time permitting)

September 3rd Sunday (Evergreen State Fair): Stake, Half 8, Speed Barrels, International Flag and Team: Ribbon Race (time permitting)

     *EVERGREEN STATE FAIR events will start at 10 AM all other shows will start at 9 AM. Fair is a pre-entry show only! All other shows you may show

Novemeber 5th: Idaho Figure 8, Polo, Key, 2 Barrel Flags and Keg

December 3rd: Poles, Half 8, International Flag, 1-jump scurry and Stilly Figure 8

February 25th: Keg, Key, Stake, Speed Barrels and Idaho Figure 8

March 3rd (Two-day show): Poles, Stilly Figure 8, Polo, 2 Barrel Flags, International Flags and Team International

March 4th (Two-day show): Half 8, Stake, Speed Barrels and Flying W

     *Shows (except Fair) start at 9 AM 
     *Start times, events and order are subject to change
     *Team events are $3 per person and MUST be paid for before running ~ Limited to Youth riders and older    


2018 Les Schwab PNW O-MOK-SEE Information:

The 2018 Les Schwab PNW O-MOK-SEE will be held September 28th, 29th and 30th this year! Please go to our Forms tab for additional information on sponsorships and program adds! Just a reminder that any rider for the 2018 O-MOK-SEE that brings in a $500 sponsorship will have their O-MOK-SEE entry paid for (this excludes stall fees and extras)! So print off a sponsorship form and bring them around to your favorite local places and ask if they would like to sponsor our amazing event!

Saturday's events will be: Barrels, 2 Barrel Flags, Polo, Poles and Half 8

Sunday's events will be: Key Race, Speed Barrels, Idaho Figure 8, Stake and International Flags.


    Vendor Fees: Fees are based on 10% of the vendor’s total sales, per day, up to and not to exceed $50 per day. (for example: $100 total sales = $10 fee; $250 = $25; $500 - $1000+ = $50). Fees will be rounded to the nearest dollar. Vendors are asked to check in at the office and make arrangements to pay vendor fees at the end of the show. Space available is on a first come, first served basis. For more information, contact an SCWGA Board member.
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